Specter Desktop


Export wallet file from Coldcard

  1. Advanced -> MicroSD Card -> Export Wallet -> Electrum Wallet
  2. Choose Native Segwit
  3. The Coldcard will confirm that the wallet file was written to the MicroSD

Add device to Specter

  1. Add new device
  2. Select Coldcard
  3. Name your device and Upload from SD Card. Specter will fill-in the XPUB information for the Single Sig (Segwit) wallet type
  4. Specter will confirm that the device was added successfully

Create wallet in Specter

  1. Name your wallet
  2. Choose Segwit
  3. Hit Create wallet
  4. Download Specter backup file. I suggest you keep a copy in the Coldcard MicroSD card, stored safely

Setup address explorer on Coldcard

  1. Turn on Coldcard
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Insert MicroSD
  4. Advanced -> Address Explorer
  5. Choose the address from the list on Coldcard that matches Address #0 on Specter Wallet
  6. Save Coldcard generated address list to MicroSD

You can use the addresses exported to the MicroSD to cross-check receive addresses that you generate with Specter Desktop. This is an added level of security to ensure that you are not running compromised software that might be trying to get you to send your funds elsewhere.

Test your set up by receiving and sending small amounts of bitcoin to ensure that everything works as you would expect. I go as far as testing the backup/restore process.